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P1 Targeting App – A Must Get

P1 Targeting App – A Must Get

Welcome back to my page. After 4 days over the launch, P1 Targeting App has been capturing all internet marketer’s attention because of its tremendous sales over the past 4 days. Conversion rate goes up to ~4.77%, and people just couldn’t wait to use P1 Targeting App straight away!

Let’s review what are the packages offered…

There are 3 types of license being offered:

Get It Started License – 3 projects, Up to 3000 keywords per project, 5 keyword searches per day, 5 Spy competition searches per day. Regular Price $39.95 per month. Before launch campaign end, $39.95 one time investment

Growth License – 10 projects, Up to 5000 keywords per project, 10 keyword searches per day, 10 Spy competition searches per day. Regular Price $79.95 per month. Before launch campaign end, $49.95 one time investment

Enterprise License – 100 Projects, UNLIMITED keywords per project, UNLIMITED keyword searches per day, 25 Spy Competition searches per day. Regular Price $149.95 per month. Before launch campaign end, $59.95 one time investment

These licences are customized based on the user need. What do you mean by projects? It is basically talking about the niches that you are interested in. You can create 3 projects under Get It Started License. For example: Health, Diet and Internet marketing niches. Each niches you can get up to 3000 keywords generated based on your search.

If you are just starting to invest in internet marketing, you can try the Get It Started License first. If you already invested in various niches, Growth License might be suitable for you. Enterprise License for sure will be the greatest value with $59.95 one time investment price point since there are unlimited keywords search every day. You can actually save $1739.45 per year! Come to think about it, there is a 30 days money back guarantee, why not just book your investment on Enterprise License? If you really not happy with the software, just ask for refund (which I don’t think you will do).

As per this print, there are < 1day 16 hours left before the cart close for the launch with one time payment. Grab yourself a copy right now before the price goes up after the launch period!

P1 Targeting App Sales Page

Wait…. If you decide to invest in Enterprise version, you will enjoy the below Bonuses offered by Peter Garety himself right-away! You really cannot miss these 3 bonuses.

Bonus #1: D.F.Y. Niche Markets ($99.95 value)

That’s 25 hottest and most profitable niches in 2015/2015 (including the DATA)

Bonus #2: D.F.Y. Niche Marketing Pages ($399.95 value)

Now that you know what are the most profitable markets, it’s time to launch 25 4-figure marketing campaigns. With these pages you will be able to do exactly that! Priceless!

 Bonus #3: Content Marketing Rolodex ($299.95 value)

Want to WIN big in Google? You need this bonus as it gives you the best content writers for the lowest price available online.

Grab P1 Targeting App Enterprise License and Get It Now!


P1 Targeting App Sales Page


P1 Targeting App Review and Bonus

P1 Targeting App

P1 Targeting App

Hello, thank you for dropping by. I’m Kenny Phuah, an internet marketer. I recently was given the opportunity from Peter Garety to take a sneak peak at the P1 Targeting App, the following is my review and my thoughts. I hope you find it helpful.

What Is P1 Targeting App?

P1 Targeting App is brand new cloud-based keyword research and mapping tool created by Peter Garety in 2015. This software is a unique, cloud based keyword research and mapping system that helps online marketers to find lucrative and easy to rank keywords to obtain lots of traffic from Google, and thus obtain higher profits! Furthermore, this app will work in just about any niche that you can think of.

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How P1 Targeting App can help me?

Ever wonder how one’s website can rank perfectly # 1 in Google search? How people find information from the net? Yes, it is by typing keywords in search engine. Due to this reason, correct keywords is very important in getting a page into higher ranking in search engine. P1 Targeting App will be able to help you analyse and thus generate the most relevant keywords which will definitely help in ranking and thus you will get more traffic to your website. I’ve seen the demo on the app, it is really pretty easy. Since this app is cloud-based, it is able to search for relevant keywords real-time from Bing, Google, YouTube, eBay, Amazon and other sources.

Here are some essential key features that P1 Targeting App has to offer:

  • Unlimited keywords per project
  • 1-click keyword generation from unlimited targeting ideas
  • State-of-art, real time filtering system
  • Instant profitability score for all keywords
  • Root match competition checking
  • Top 10 in-depth competition analysis
  • Bulk domain availability check
  • Relevancy search
  • Advanced import/export options
  • “Spy competition” keywords research system
  • Keyword mapping to structure your website targeting

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Below are some snapshots for the features available.P1 Targeting App Product Preview

Check out the official promo/demo video below.

With these essential features, you will be able to get high-traffic targeted keywords in no time. When you use those keywords, you will be amazed by the traffic that you will get!

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Is P1 Targeting App Worth It?

I would give a YES. With this awesome app, you can save more time and gain more confident in your campaign, thus helping you to generate more income! Furthermore, the app is easy to use and by no time you will be expert in using the app. There will be a webinar session offered by Peter Garety after the launch of P1 Targeting App. This webinar will help you learn how to use P1 Targeting App in no time. Also, if you pre-register to P1 Targeting App sales page, you will be able to claim FREE seat to P1 Targeting App early-bird demonstration webinar by Peter himself.


In conclusion, P1 Targeting App is an essential cloud-based keyword research and mapping tool. Not only you can increase your chances of getting the correct keywords, you can also safe your time doing keyword research and thus having more time to do another campaign.

One last thing:

If you really interested on P1 Targeting App and want to get more out of your investment, try register during 09/24/2015 – 10/06/2015. You will get an exclusive and valuable report called “P1 Keyword Selection Formula” from Peter, and booked yourself for the early-bird webinar.

This is a very safe investment. If you find you’re unhappy with the app, for whatever reason, you can be sure Peter will refund your money with no hassle, and no questions asked.

So even though it’s much less likely that you’ll be unhappy with this app, I felt it was worth mentioning that Peter have proven to be true to their word as far as their money back guarantee is concerned. So you can buy without fear of losing your money in case you change your mind about this new cloud-based research and mapping tool, or you just plain don’t like the app for whatever reason.

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About Peter Garety:

Peter Garety – an online entrepreneur, product creator and coach. He started online back at 2008 with no knowledge about online publishing and no connections. After 14 months of struggle to make a dime online, he pawned his wedding ring to get the money to invest in a high-end training program. And that moment became the biggest turning point in his online career. Through his online publishing and creation of ebooks, training courses and software solutions, Peter has helped over 32,000 eager students to build their own online businesses, which has literally transformed their lives forever. Among some of his famous products are: “7 Figure Marketing Bundle”, “P1 Ranking Formula”, “P1 Content Magnet”, “Content Creation Framework Secrets”, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions About P1 Targeting App

1) Will this work in any country?

Yes, it works from anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet!

2) I am not familiar with P1 Targeting App.

There will be descriptions on how P1 Targeting App works and instructions on each tools will be shared. All the tools are user-friendly and easy to understand. If you pre-register to P1 Targeting App sales page, you will be able to join P1 Targeting App early-bird demonstration webinar for FREE!

3) If I still not sure how to use P1 Targeting App?

No worry, Peter Garety will be conducting webinar session regarding P1 Targeting App to help users to fully utilize the app and help them to succeed. Small fees applied though.

Stay Tuned for P1 Targeting App on 6th October 2015!


P1 Targeting App
6th October 2015

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