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P1 Targeting App – Monthly payment package

P1 Targeting App – Monthly Payment Package

Great to have you back, and thank you for dropping by. As you know from my previous post, P1 Targeting App by Peter Garety will be switched from one-time payment to a monthly payment package. In case you still interested in the keywords research tool, you can sign up for the monthly package offered.

From P1 Targeting App sales page, you will be able to see the price tag for the application, but you will be able to check on all the features, functions, or demos that are present on the page. No worry, I here by give you an overview of the price tag (as of 14 October 2015).

P1 Targeting App Price

So as you can see, the one-time investment price tag has been strikethrough. Peter no longer offer the one-time investment price tag (but no harm asking him right?). The price shown is similar to what I previously posted, except there is a trial (goody!).

$7 for a 7 days trial, and subsequent month you will charged $29.95 per month for Growth License or $39.95 per month for Enterprise License. Remember the bonuses offered for the Enterprise License? Give it a try to ask for it if you signed up for the Enterprise License. A little bit of tips: if you decided to unsubscribe to the app, remember to check your bill the next month to make sure you don’t get charge. I am saying this not pointing to this product, but as a general practise, you should check your bill to avoid being charged unnecessarily.

Well, P1 Targeting App do come with a 30-days no question ask money back guarantee policy. So if you are not happy with the app, just remember to call them up or mail them for the refund.

Final words, P1 Targeting App is a great keywords research tool. You can use it to search and evaluate relevant keywords and thus use the keywords for your website creation or videos so that it gives higher chance of high ranking in search engine result page (SERP). With higher ranking, you get higher chance of getting people to visit your page or videos, and thus you can easily get others to know about what you currently promoting. It is just investment and profit gain.

That’s all. Thank you and see you in my next review.


Regards, Kenny Phuah

P1 Targeting App – Last Minute Deal

P1 Targeting App – Last Minute Deal

Thank you for dropping by again. As you can see, P1 Targeting App price will be increased in less than 16 hours. So if you are keen to get this unique keyword research tool and help you grow your internet marketing business, quickly grab it now!

So, what is the last minute deal?

… Peter Garety will be giving an EXCLUSIVE and FREE FAQ Training session about P1 Targeting App. This is an exclusive, Q & A and demonstration session of P1 Targeting App. During this webinar session, you will be able to ask and get answers to the most important questions that concerns you when it comes to P1 Targeting App. If there is something that holds you back from TRYING P1 Targeting App, this demonstration webinar will be able to help you.

On TOP of that… ONLY during this webinar you will be able to get an exclusive LAST-MINUTE DEAL for P1 Targeting App (this discount is not available anywhere else). 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Grab your seat now for the FREE FAQ Training Session!

>>>> Register for FREE FAQ Training Session <<<<

(updated on 14th October 2015, free FAQ training session not available anymore. Sorry…)

P1 Targeting App – A Must Get

P1 Targeting App – A Must Get

Welcome back to my page. After 4 days over the launch, P1 Targeting App has been capturing all internet marketer’s attention because of its tremendous sales over the past 4 days. Conversion rate goes up to ~4.77%, and people just couldn’t wait to use P1 Targeting App straight away!

Let’s review what are the packages offered…

There are 3 types of license being offered:

Get It Started License – 3 projects, Up to 3000 keywords per project, 5 keyword searches per day, 5 Spy competition searches per day. Regular Price $39.95 per month. Before launch campaign end, $39.95 one time investment

Growth License – 10 projects, Up to 5000 keywords per project, 10 keyword searches per day, 10 Spy competition searches per day. Regular Price $79.95 per month. Before launch campaign end, $49.95 one time investment

Enterprise License – 100 Projects, UNLIMITED keywords per project, UNLIMITED keyword searches per day, 25 Spy Competition searches per day. Regular Price $149.95 per month. Before launch campaign end, $59.95 one time investment

These licences are customized based on the user need. What do you mean by projects? It is basically talking about the niches that you are interested in. You can create 3 projects under Get It Started License. For example: Health, Diet and Internet marketing niches. Each niches you can get up to 3000 keywords generated based on your search.

If you are just starting to invest in internet marketing, you can try the Get It Started License first. If you already invested in various niches, Growth License might be suitable for you. Enterprise License for sure will be the greatest value with $59.95 one time investment price point since there are unlimited keywords search every day. You can actually save $1739.45 per year! Come to think about it, there is a 30 days money back guarantee, why not just book your investment on Enterprise License? If you really not happy with the software, just ask for refund (which I don’t think you will do).

As per this print, there are < 1day 16 hours left before the cart close for the launch with one time payment. Grab yourself a copy right now before the price goes up after the launch period!

P1 Targeting App Sales Page

Wait…. If you decide to invest in Enterprise version, you will enjoy the below Bonuses offered by Peter Garety himself right-away! You really cannot miss these 3 bonuses.

Bonus #1: D.F.Y. Niche Markets ($99.95 value)

That’s 25 hottest and most profitable niches in 2015/2015 (including the DATA)

Bonus #2: D.F.Y. Niche Marketing Pages ($399.95 value)

Now that you know what are the most profitable markets, it’s time to launch 25 4-figure marketing campaigns. With these pages you will be able to do exactly that! Priceless!

 Bonus #3: Content Marketing Rolodex ($299.95 value)

Want to WIN big in Google? You need this bonus as it gives you the best content writers for the lowest price available online.

Grab P1 Targeting App Enterprise License and Get It Now!


P1 Targeting App Sales Page